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I'm a freelance Holistic Health & Wellness blogger and a free spirit. I like to think I was born into this life as a writer. Writing is my form of meditation and reflection. It is my best mode of communication- how I deal with good, bad, and in between times- and my favorite activity. You can find my book baby When The Sun Sets on Amazon. 
True to my Libra nature, I love to create and I love to do a bit of everything. Amongst being a freelance writer, I also am the co-founder of a Holistic Health and Wellness business called Belightfilled. My sister and I found ourselves on a deep journey of self-discovery in 2016. With health disparities ravaging our family and dealing with our own newly discovered battles with health, we began to transition into a mindful plant based way of living. Our goal was to share millennial health stories, our transformations and to allow others a way to become more introspective and in control of their health- mentally, physically, emotionally, holistically.  

I hold this real-life experience in business, holistic health and writing so very close to my heart. It brings me joy to share my lifestyle with the world through this blog and to offer small brands and businesses the help they need to create a powerful and meaningful web presence.


"Words have the ability to paint a picture in the mind, and capture the heart"

Jazmine Heggins