3 Black Yoga Instructors To Add To Your Holistic Lifestyle

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Supporting Black Businesses has been on everyone's agenda with the recent and untimely Murders of more black people. Many have taken to social media to vent and to spread awareness. After the protests that took place this past weekend, and the state and city issued curfews following these events it is time to find balance within ourselves again.

On top of the world still battling a pandemic this is the perfect time to focus on mental and physical health.

As a black yoga practitioner and mental wellness advocate I find solace in supporting other like minded individuals like myself. I offer Online Yoga Classes On my holistic wellness website that are also available for booking.

These are three black yoga instructors that you will want to flow with through the rest of this crisis we are calling 2020. These instructors offer free resources and content as well as subscriptions. Support black businesses and your own mental wellness by indulging in some yoga in the comfort of your own home. You deserve it!

1. Jessamyn Stanely


2. Dr. Chelsea Jackson


3. Koya Webb


If You Want To Donate To A Just Cause Head Over To Instagram And Follow @Yogisforjustice. Here You Can Find A Platform Of Yogis and Meditation Gurus And Much More.

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