Are You The Bag Lady ? Release 2020’s Foot Off Your Neck

The losses you have experienced can not make room for greatness if you are still dragging them along with you. I

“ I have a spiritual elder who I do not see often, but every time I do get the chance to spend time with them or she sees my sister, the message from her is always that I need to do my shadow work. It was not until I recently came across an ex’s page who is now happily married with their beautiful partner that I understood what she meant. I’ve been playing bag lady (cue E Badu) all of these years. An overwhelming sadness took over me because I , somewhere in my heart was holding onto hurt and disappointment from my past. It was not just that one relationship either, it was every relationship I’ve ever experienced still holding little pieces of my heart. Taking up space where other things need to be so my greatness can grow. I had to tell myself it was okay to let go and to see people move out of your life . Release that and let the weight be lifted from your spirit and with this all good things have permission to flow .”

With the ending of 2020 coming up quickly and the energy still lingering from the new moon and eclipse last week I am certain we all can benefit from a release ritual. Here are a few suggestions that have worked for me:


It is great to use crystals that are associated with the heart. I recommend Jade, or Rose Quartz. You may use any crystal that calls to you . Green and pink are associated with the heart Chakra.

  1. Cleanse your crystal ( salt water, Florida water, moon light overnight, sun light, bury them, choose your preferred method )

  2. Set your intention choose what you want to release and speak that into your crystal

  3. Meditate with that intention for how ever long you choose ( I recommend at least 5 minutes)

  4. Wear your crystal ( I recommend at least a week straight and even sleep with it under your pillow ( repeat steps as needed)


  1. Grab a piece of paper and a pen ( black ink if you have it)

  2. Write down your intentions to release

  3. Meditate on those intentions ( I recommend at least 5 minutes )

  4. Fold you paper away from you

  5. Release the paper via fire,water,or bury it ( Repeat as needed )

It is okay to release people and things from your heart space when they no longer serve a purpose . Allowing these things to be released has lasting positive effects for you and the subjects that you are letting go of.

Happy releasing !

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