Black Lives Matter: Why Are Black Trans Lives Left Out Of The Collective Conversation?

In this alternate universe of a year 2020 more people are screaming Black Lives Matter more than ever and yet it seems like some voices are still mute to the population. The Black Lives Matter movement was founded to create space and visibility for ALL black lives because of the amount of senseless murders of black people.

We scream all black lives matter yet transgender black people seem to have to fight for themselves and create a separate space for their murders to be visible to even the black community. The lack of visibility of Transgender individuals is poorly due to the hatred that is forced upon anyone who does not conform to gender roles and hetero-normativity.

Hatred at this level is nurtured in the home, from birth, and that is where visibility needs to begin. Allowing conversations around the spectrum that sexuality is and the fluidity of genders will be the first steps that can be taken by every human being.

The conversation should never be who is superior but that every life is important.

“In 2019, advocates tracked at least 26 deaths of at least transgender or gender non-conforming people in the U.S. due to fatal violence, the majority of whom were Black transgender women.” (

I honor this list of Transgender Individuals who have lost their lives. This list is not exhaustive unfortunately there are many more who deserve visibility and whose cases have not been solved. May they rest in peace.

Nina Pop

Tony Mcdade

Dominique Rem’Mie Fells

Riah Milton

Bee Love Slater

Brianna BB Hill

Itali Marlowe

Pebbles La Dime Doe

Bubba Walker

Here are some Organizations to donate to that support Trans and Lgbtqia people

The Black Trans Travel Fund

The Okra Project

The Homeless Black Trans Women Fund

The Black Trans Protestors Emergency Fund

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