Take Up Space

Written by Jazmine Heggins

"What does it mean to take up space?" "How does taking up space feel coming from your lips?"

Taking up space often feels like the worst crime that you can commit, and some of us have commitment issues. You know the feeling when your fight or flight response kicks in, and you're all of the sudden an Eminem lyric? ( palms sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy) Minus the vomit on your sweater hopefully. I get it, and I am here with you.


Taking up space can feel like the most humiliating, anxiety-triggering, yet liberating action you can take. For some, taking up space comes naturally. Some of us are built with the bone in our back that supportively tells them "hey you're supposed to be here." ( How does it feel to be God's favorite?) If you are one of us that suffer from constantly running from the spotlight, here are some helpful exercises (well I find them helpful) that may bring you some ease while you're letting yourself be seen, and your body takes up the space you deserve:

  1. You deserve to be seen and heard.

Take a sticky note and post it on your mirror, and before you're staring at a blank colored square every day, write this exact sentence "I deserve to be seen and heard." Placing it in a spot that will be visible to you will cause this to become your daily mantra. Repeating this every day can invite the idea to become a permanent belief for you. You know what they say, what you think, is what you become. (I think that's how the saying goes.)


2. Make ye contact.

This may seem like a small task, but making eye contact in a conversation exudes confidence and allows the person to see your truth through your eyes. It may feel natural to fiddle with your hands, and look off in other directions when speaking, but looking at someone in their eyes can show others that you are present and you deserve respect.


3. Last but not least, be gentle with yourself.

Maybe no one has told you before, but you are amazing just by being yourself. Taking up space is a natural gift that you were given at birth. So be gentle with yourself, I'm right here with you.

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