Tips for writing Vol. 1

Le's talk about writer's block. I know its an ugly subject to think about but if you have ever tried to write an essay on a boring subject, or you have written anything in your life. I am sure you have experienced this least once in your lifetime. I am sitting at a small lounge (that I honestly thought was a quiet coffee bar/ hookah lounge) trying to work on my novel rainbows

(It is a working title and I am aware it is a slight cliche.) The writers' block is slowly creeping up.


It could be due to the fact that I am around a birthday party and a group of friends with very loud conversations going on around me. It could also be due to the fact that I haven't written anything this week. Nevertheless, I am going to give you a few tips to combat your writers' block so you can get that transcript out to the world!

  1. Switch It Up!

Switch up your writing space. Maybe writing at home isn't working for you. Try writing at a coffee shop. They usually have good drinks and an ample amount of snacks! (If you're no coffee person, they usually have an assortment of herbal teas. If you're in a bigger city they may even have housemade cocktails.) The new environment could trigger inspiration you never know until you try. In the warmer months, a park is always a great idea! Honestly, any environment with wifi could be better than your apartment being distracted by your dog, partner, or dirty dishes in the sink.


2. Make A Plan That Works For You!

You can google what is the best time to write all day long, and you will be flooded with suggestions. However, not everyone's opinions on when you should write will work for you. You're on your own time and whatever time you plan will differ from others. For example, I work best in the AM. (Even though today I am still writing at 6 pm, it is the weekend and my weekdays are a lot different than my weekdays.) Once you establish the times that work for you then you can plan accordingly. These timeframes could switch for you from day to day or even week to week and that is fine, as long as you get it done! Hold yourself accountable for the days and times that you set and get to it!


Be Gentle With Yourself!

This is beginning to become a ritual for us, isn't it? Not the easiest thing to do but it is definitely a practice that you should consider as very important. Sometimes we might set a deadline for ourselves and miss it. That is okay every once in a while. Pick back up on another day that week if that's the case. The worst thing you can do is criticize yourself for not meeting a deadline. Holding yourself accountable is important, but give yourself grace and if you find you don't feel like writing that day or during that time, just pick another day or time that might work better. Another option is to do a writing prompt that may trigger your creative juices.

Writing is a process, it takes time. Make sure you give yourself enough space to complete your project and know whatever you decide is okay. You're doing great.

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